Deliverance, Rudraprayag

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Gurney House, Naini Tal

2 May 1926


You brother has killed leopard, almost certainly

Man eater, after sitting throughout eleven

Consecutive nights in same tree for him.

Congratulations and thanks for whole Garhwal,

Particularly from Ibboston


——Telegram to Margaret Corbett from Ibboston

Deputy Commissioner, Naini Tal


My dear Capt. Corbett,

Allow me to thank you and congratulate you from the bottom of my heart for shooting the man-eating leopard who killed so many innocent women and children in Upper Garhwal. We, the Garhwalies, will ever remember you as the killer of the greatest enemy of Garhwal. I know how difficult it was to shoot that most cunning and sly beast. Perhaps you will remember that I had a talk with you about the beast at Niani Tal in 1924. I asked you to write to me your willingness to go to Rudraprayag to shoot him under the conditions you thought most sutitable for the expedition, and I handed over your letter to the Finance Member to utilize your services; but unfortunately, the then Deputy Commissioner of Garhwal did not accept your proposals, and took other means to get the leopard killed. But finally, it is you who was able to save Garhwal from the beast. You must be very proud of wonderful deed of yours, and you fully deserve the pride and honour which we gratefully associate with your name.


—–Letter to Jim Corbett from Mukandi Lal, BA (Oxon),

Barrister-at-Law, Member Legislative Council

Lansdowne, Garhwal, 9 May 1926


Dear Capt. Corbett,

I am desired to thank you on behalf of the Government of the United provinces for the valuable public service you have rendered in destroying the Rudraprayag man-eating leopard. This animal has preyed on the Rudraprayag neighbourhoods for over seven years and has killed no less than 125 human victims. You have, at considerable private inconvenience, spent many weeks in pursuit of this pest and have cheerfully borne much hardship and danger. You have earned the gratitude of the people of Garhwal, and the Governor in Council desires me to send you this sincere thanks and his congratulations on a fine achievement.


——- Letter to Jim Corbett from G.B. Lambert, United Provinces

Government, D.O. No. 738-Z, Naini Tal, 17 May 1926


Dear Sir,

I have been directed by Colonel, His Highness the Maharaja Sahib Bahadur to convey to you His Highness’ very best congratulations on your keen sportsmanship in putting an end to the notorious man eating leopard. His Highness’ very best congratulations on your keen sportsmanship in putting an end to the notorious man eating leopard. His highness also wishes me to express his great delight at your being able to get rid of that terrible enemy and pest of the public of Garhwal. You have really done a great service not only to the people of Rudraprayag but to mankind in general.

With renewed congratulations and best of luck…


——– Letter to Jim Corbett from the Private Secretary to H.H.

The Maharaja of Dhar, 19 May 1926

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