“Before There Used To Be Romantic Politicians”

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Alfonso Daniel Rodriguez Castelao  was a Spanish politician, writer, painter and doctor. He is one of the fathers of Galician nationalism. Here is a selection from his series of drawings titled  Cousa Da Vida, also recently published as Matters of Life by Monfokira. In these drawings we see the true soul of Galicia, especially in the context of the horrifying civil war (1936-1939), which still has its sequels in Spain.


2013-09-23 12.00.55



–the man who knows the most in this world is our teacher.

it remains to be seen how much he knows








2013-09-23 11.57.28





–for you it’s one year more; for me it’s one year less








2013-09-23 11.56.35




–by the souls of your dead forefathers give me money sir, to see film, as I am seeing one and can’t leave it.








2013-09-23 11.56.51




–it’s good to sleep; then you can dream that there’s justice.








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–no mummy: tell him not to pour coffee on my sugar.









2013-09-23 11.58.42




–yes, man, yes! four and two are six.

–don’t tell me! that’s three and three.








2013-09-23 11.59.12





–what are you looking at?
–how they eat.







2013-09-23 12.01.37




–they say that price of stamps is going to rise.

–how nice that we don’t know how to write.








2013-09-23 12.02.01




–i love you very much, but i can’t tell you.


–because only the old say it still.







2013-09-23 12.02.48





–poor mothers who are not guilty!…








2013-09-23 12.04.07




–what’s this about “liberty, fraternity, equality” ?

–it must be something…”like believing in what we don’t see.”







2013-09-23 12.06.22




–everybody says the Galicia is beautiful.

—yes, man; but the landscapes can’t be eaten.








2013-09-23 12.06.40




–before there used to be romantic politicians.

–there also used to be generous bandits.








2013-09-23 12.07.50




–but man, why do you speak so ill about Mr. Philip?

–because he is still alive.







2013-09-23 12.17.59




–i am dying, have you heard it? and i’ll give you an advice: run from those who talk of democracy.








2013-09-23 12.19.19




–well, i tell you that the immoral officers are intelligent, hard-working, and they go to office everyday.








2013-09-23 12.20.06



–men don’t want to be donkey.

–they want to be lion, tiger, panther, elephant…









2013-09-23 12.21.43



frog: the cocks think that the day comes because they sing.








2013-09-23 12.22.12




–how tiny men are!


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