No Detergent Can Undo

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Sreyashi Goswami






Books:  Lover forever, makes strong friends, permanent enemies.

Flower: Softness or is it  hallucination.

Brotherhood: Feeling towards a brother that needs to be chiseled for a man particularly.

Responsibility: Easy and difficult to know when to jettison it.

Night: 12 hours of silent howling.

Wind:  Unkempt thoughts in mind, suddenly.

Lie:  Moment’s Yes, Moment’s No.

Uncivility:  As if its our democratic right to be rude.

Ink–Fountain Pen: Green, Red, Blue–clarity.

Day: Each day, witness to a memorable event.

TV:  All spectators or are there some attentive readers too?

Year:  Relations and wonder anew.

Liking:  Shifting of the unliked.

Hearing:  Unsaid, once in a while uttered.

Dead Man:  Burning pyre or a puppet in an airconditioned room?

Personality:  The protocols of knowing each one distinctively.

Dignity:  A pot made of a different metal.

Birth:  To let oneself be part of a new beginning.

Love: A strange giving, a time of giving.

Traffic Jam: Lines of jet planes on the road, as if all will qualify for future exams.

Gotra: Never begins  fresh like morning dew.

Indifference: Cruel, barbed manner of speaking.

Time: Sharp, breaking brook– now slowing, hastening now…

Spot:  No detergent can undo.


Sreyashi Goswami is a poet and a traveller.

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