30. 09. 2015

Then Will Come Envy

Viren Dangwal [Translations: Ashok Pande]   Defining the poet of our times, Nazim Hikmet once remarked: “The real poet is not engaged in his love, his happiness or pain. In such poet’s poems...

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20. 09. 2015

Quite A Few Struggles Remain Local

  Vyomesh Shukla  (for Pranay Krishna) --------------------------------------- A statement about a place means reaching that place. Only they understand the statement of that place whose place it is. The statement about one’s place...

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20. 08. 2015

Champak, Certified

Shubham Shree   Comrade I   right through the evening, samosas wolfed pakoras, bread rolls gobbled a million cups of tea guzzled marking time for those mess bells at the age of 28,...

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07. 07. 2015

That Brass Of Our Inheritance

   Translations: Tarun Bhartiya  ____________________________________   Raghuvir Sahay   Laugh Laugh Laugh Instantly   Laugh - you are being watched,   Laugh  but not at yourself because its bitterness Would be noticed and...

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14. 06. 2015

‘Fearless, You Cannot Be My Prey’

Savithri Rajeevan As You Bathe Your Mother As you bathe your mother be mindful as with a child. Let the body not slip from your hands let the water be mildly warm Do...

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19. 05. 2015

The Nineteenth of May, Selections

  Translations: Arjun Chaudhuri ---------------------------------------- Feeling the Nineteeth--of Poetry and Resistance   Tushar Kanti Nath    The Language Movement of 1961 has provided immense enthusiasm to the poets and writers of Barak Valley; it...

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08. 05. 2015


    Prasanta Chakravarty   ওর আর কোনো গতি নেই জানো, কবিতা লেখা ছাড়া—she does not have any recourse, you know, other than writing poetry. This is what rings in my ears. This...

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15. 03. 2015

My Meat is Yours

                                                        Biplab Chowdhury   [Biplab Chowdhury is...

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09. 03. 2015

Calcutta, Crow

Brinda Bose I what conversations do you hold with the room you grew up in? are they the colour texture stink of seaweed, soaked in the spirit of briny seas olive black with...

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05. 02. 2015
Two Glistening Wheels, a Bell and a Tiffin-Carrier

Two Glistening Wheels, a Bell and a Tiffin-Carrier

Krishna Kalpit   Vishwa Hindi Sammelan   The language in which we wail And shed tears They ride on it And fly up above those clouds   One says I did not go...

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15. 01. 2015

No Phallus, No Death

Udayan Ghosh Choudhury   Tarpan (i) baba had said: however tall you grow, let your feet be grounded since then i am standing with my two legs on the ground ma, tell me...

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01. 12. 2014

Disruptive Noumena

    Siddharth Soni I. Linda  Gascrif’s visual poem appears in a September 2005 edition of the Times Literary Supplement: “… I give you blank space { } to protest.” Only a few...

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05. 11. 2014

Affect and Absence: Irony in Siegfried Sassoon’s War Poetry

       Avinash Antony & Somak Mukherjee  On 13th July 1918 Siegfried Sassoon, now a decorated war-hero, was shot in the head near Arras, France. Ironically, it was not the enemy but a...

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22. 10. 2014

Moonlit Rats and Owls

Manash Bhattacharjee Today is the sixtieth death anniversary of Jibanananda Das (17 February 1899 – 22 October 1954). Shaking himself off Tagore’s Victorian and mystical influences, Jibanananda made the most distinctive mark in...

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