02. 10. 2017

Precarity against Heroic Virility: Ramkumar Chetankranti’s Veerta Par Vichlit

  Prasanta Chakravarty   “पावर में एक कमी थी, तन्हाई से डरती थी” ~ आर. चेतनक्रांति (There was but one lack in power, despondency terrified it) ~ R. Chetankranti   “Who will say,...

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04. 03. 2017

The Circle of Tyrants (selections from Caligulan)

Ernest Hilbert _________________ Siege of Fort Mifflin (Battle of Mud Island) A squadron of the vaunted British empire Fell prey to mud, to wind and vengeful fire. A ship-of-the-line ran aground and burned...

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03. 01. 2017

A Hand Stitched Piece of Tapestry

  _________________________________ [HUG speaks to Sumanta Mukhopadhyay on his recent compilation of Pranabendu Dasgupta’s major poetry in two volumes (Saptarshi Publications, Kolkata, January 2016)] ***   Prasanta: This is a signal work Sumanta. This...

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23. 12. 2016

A Whiff and a Whistle

HUG Speaks to Monika Kumar on her poem छुट्टियों में पेड़ों को भूल जाओ (During Absences, Abandon the Trees)  ___________________________ During Absences, Abandon the Trees Up on the first floor of the building...

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25. 11. 2016

Literature No Longer Impresses Me

Like the lighthouse glowing red--Lal Singh 'Dil' (stills from the film Kitte Mil Ve Mahi--Where the Twain Shall Meet, directed by Ajay Bhardwaj) ___________________________________ *** *** [listen, we must first pay tribute to...

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11. 11. 2016

As Ores Run Through Rock Veins.

  Cyprian Kamil Norwid _______________________ Cyprian Kamil Norwid, one of Poland's most outstanding and original poets, was also an artist, dramatist and sculptor. Besides, he also used to write exquisite and elegant letters....

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18. 10. 2016

I Put Aside The Inspection Of My Great Talent

  Devi Prasad Mishra   ___________________ POEMS ARE PARAMOUNT   Poetry is possible only in the mother tongue so said a poet One should stick to one’s tongue then lest one forget it...

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16. 07. 2016

In This Mind I Stay, In that Mind I Keep

Jahir Hasan ______________ ash anyone, ash? ___________ that-house, I take a picture then I enter it. its resident beast emerges. i set ablaze the house. in that burning pyre I drop the picture...

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27. 05. 2016

Transformation, Like Salt: The Artistry of Mahesh Verma

    Mahesh Verma __________________   A consummate artist is a rare creature. And if such a sense of art is able to amalgamate fever and vehemence with restraint and formal experimentation, then...

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16. 05. 2016

Expenditure, Insolvency and Recovery in Manmohan’s ‘The Morsels of Ignominy” ( ज़िल्लत की रोटी)

_____________________ Prasanta Chakravarty The poems that make the collection ज़िल्लत की रोटी—The Morsels of Ignominy (Rajkamal Prakashan: 2006) must count as one of the finest that has come from the subcontinent in the...

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06. 05. 2016

Fists That Turn Like Keys

Aishwarya Iyer __________________   [1] Splitting Seed   How often must we arise from this seed Yellow, nutted, moon-spent, tree-withered, The seed splits and leaves climb out, thus flow tears, Time spreads like...

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23. 03. 2016

Luminous, A Fleck O’ Caress

Dipanwita Sarkar _________________   One yellow, tri-cornered fruit. and contaminated all evenings. your garland-chandan on my palm, cherished melodies, eddies dragging like ma’s breasts…over the close-fisted yamuna, through paradise-thickets, pray, who had let...

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24. 10. 2015

Kachchh. Khambhi. Kavya. : Six Poems For My Village of Six Memorial Stones

 Amrit Gangar _________________   Chhasara (chha – six, sarā – memorial stones, also called khāmbhi or pāliya in Kachchh and Kāthiawād; though sarā or saro is a Kachchhi word) is a village of...

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15. 10. 2015

The Ghaat Within

Biswadeb Mukhopadhay ______________________ This is a poet of circularity—of the potter’s wheel, the rotund staircase, local implements like the maku and the turpun, the chakravyuh, the foundation-stone, the navel, the chalice, planetary orbits,...

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