03. 06. 2015

The Twilight Tavern

Suranjana Choudhury/Amitabha Dev Choudhury Ordinarily I sit here. The road on the right hand side of Devdoot Cinema hall approaching Circuit House progressively culminates towards this bar. It is a small bar with...

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24. 05. 2015

The Silence of the Lambs: The Case of Presidency University Now

 Brinda Bose   “My word’s but a whisper, your deafness a shout” Jethro Tull Some serious questions arise from the imbroglio this month at Presidency University, Calcutta, the latest in a series of...

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21. 05. 2015

Scholar no Intellectual ? : Trends in Humanities Overground

[Trends in Humanities Overground: A HUG survey] ------------------------------------------------------------- James Turner, in his monumental work Philology: The Forgotten Origins of Modern Humanities (2014) , makes an early distinction:  between the scholar and the philosopher/intellectual. Not...

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19. 05. 2015

The Nineteenth of May, Selections

  Translations: Arjun Chaudhuri ---------------------------------------- Feeling the Nineteeth--of Poetry and Resistance   Tushar Kanti Nath    The Language Movement of 1961 has provided immense enthusiasm to the poets and writers of Barak Valley; it...

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16. 05. 2015

Keisham Priyokumar and the Economy of Fragmented Narratives

Loiya Leima Oinam [This essay is on changing trends in identity formation in Manipur. I focus on the construction of the ethnic outsider in relation to anti-outsider movements and the Kuki Naga clashes...

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08. 05. 2015


    Prasanta Chakravarty   ওর আর কোনো গতি নেই জানো, কবিতা লেখা ছাড়া—she does not have any recourse, you know, other than writing poetry. This is what rings in my ears. This...

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02. 05. 2015

Fake Tree, Real Death

     Anil Kumar  Yadav   [The original Hindi version of this essay appeared in Tehelka yesterday, May 1, 2015.  Translation: HUG] ----------------------------------------- Among the things with which the future shall take stock of and measure...

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24. 04. 2015

No More Flat Feet

Serge Berna, Jean-Louis Brau, Guy-Ernest Debord & Gil J. Wolman Internationale Lettriste #1 (November 1952) _________________________________________ Sub Mack Sennett director, sub-Max Linder actor, Stavisky of the tears of unwed mothers and the little orphans...

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18. 04. 2015

Gathering Shadows, Shamsher Bahadur Singh

Lakshmidhar Malviya (Gathering Shadows, Shamsher Bahadur Singh. Years covered: 1961-1975) __________________________________________________ ईमान गड़बड़ी में है दिल के हिसाब में लिक्खा हुआ कुछ और मिला है किताब में (Top Floor, Just Fit, 1961)  ***...

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16. 04. 2015
The New Between Past and Future: The Question of Method in the Humanities II (Video Clips)

The New Between Past and Future: The Question of Method in the Humanities II (Video Clips)

Dear HUG Readers: Here are the youtube links to the video clips of the forum (second & final in the series) on 'The New Between Past and Future: The Question of Method in the Humanities...

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08. 04. 2015

Boundaries and Porosities: The Question of Method in the Humanities (Video Links)

Dear HUG Readers: Here are the freshly uploaded youtube links to the video clips of the first forum on 'Boundaries and Porosities: The Question of Method in the Humanities' ---a collaboration between MargHumanities and...

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27. 03. 2015

On Misunderstanding the Will of God

Amlan Das Gupta   The critique of violence is the philosophy of its history Walter Benjamin   I wish in this essay to consider a question which presents itself with some force in...

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21. 03. 2015

The Chowkidaar

  Kritika Chettri Above Deorali, outside the Tashi Ding hotel, the chowkidaar budo stood letting smoke from his beedi trail down to the mist that had begun erasing the valley. Inside, men and...

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15. 03. 2015

My Meat is Yours

                                                        Biplab Chowdhury   [Biplab Chowdhury is...

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