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18. 01. 2015

Under Tiger-striped Skies

Parimal Bhattacharya ‘I don’t know how fear, like an enzyme, triggers a chemical reaction of memory and imagination. Perhaps it plays such tricks: it not only paralyses the present and casts long shadows...

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15. 01. 2015

No Phallus, No Death

Udayan Ghosh Choudhury   Tarpan (i) baba had said: however tall you grow, let your feet be grounded since then i am standing with my two legs on the ground ma, tell me...

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05. 01. 2015

Cannibal Manifesto

Oswaldo de Andrade Cannibalism: An Introduction to “Cannibal Manifesto”   The starting date for the Brazilian modernist movement, which advocated a return to the soil, is usually given as 1922, when the major...

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28. 12. 2014

The Occupation of Art’s Labor: An Interview with Julia Bryan-Wilson

On November 28, 2011, Chris Mansour interviewed Julia Bryan-Wilson, Associate Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art at the University of California, Berkeley and the author of Art Workers: Radical Practice in the Vietnam...

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17. 12. 2014

In Praise of Historical Materialism as a certain Philosophy of Nature

Soumyabrata Choudhury What is an extremely sober and measured account of some of the greatest European philosophers of the 20th century is also a book smelted in the fire of a certain materialism....

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07. 12. 2014

“Mrs. R. P. Sengupta”

                                                Keya Chakravarty (1975)[i]    [translated by: Trina Nileena Banerjee]  ...

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01. 12. 2014

Disruptive Noumena

    Siddharth Soni I. Linda  Gascrif’s visual poem appears in a September 2005 edition of the Times Literary Supplement: “… I give you blank space { } to protest.” Only a few...

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22. 11. 2014

The Nineteenth of May and I

Shaktipada Brahmachari (Translated by Arjun Chaudhuri, from উনিশে মে ও আমি, Dainik Jugosankha, 20th May, 2001)                                       ---------------------------------------...

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14. 11. 2014

Salaam Boi-mela!

  Utpalkumar Basu The 11:40 local. I was returning on it. Possibly this is the last train for returning to Kolkata from the suburbs. Wintry night. Biting chill. Only a few passengers in...

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10. 11. 2014
tac 1

What Next ?

  Brinda Bose Kochi was the flashpoint, charged with rebellion after a violent police crackdown. Since then, Kiss of Love has danced, hugged, walked, sung, shouted, held hands, cheek-pecked, kissed and french-kissed in...

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05. 11. 2014
Avinash Image

Affect and Absence: Irony in Siegfried Sassoon’s War Poetry

       Avinash Antony & Somak Mukherjee  On 13th July 1918 Siegfried Sassoon, now a decorated war-hero, was shot in the head near Arras, France. Ironically, it was not the enemy but a...

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22. 10. 2014

Moonlit Rats and Owls

Manash Bhattacharjee Today is the sixtieth death anniversary of Jibanananda Das (17 February 1899 – 22 October 1954). Shaking himself off Tagore’s Victorian and mystical influences, Jibanananda made the most distinctive mark in...

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16. 10. 2014

Ethnic Minorities, Sexual Violence and University Spaces: Notes from Visvabharati and Jadavpur University

  Sarmistha Dutta Gupta   On a September afternoon, when the sky was signalling the arrival of the Pujo season in Bengal and yet monsoon flowers like dopati were in full bloom, I...

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11. 10. 2014
20141011_145057 (2)

Kalpana Press

  Avinandan Sthanpati Chandannagar/Chandernagore is usually slotted as an erstwhile French colony. Though that identity is almost shut out from memory now. It is like any other small town--congested, filthy and sporadically peppered...

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