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01. 03. 2016
sup 1

Dead Writing: Barthes and Posterity

Supriya Chaudhuri ___________________________   Posteritati (To posterity) In 1971, Roland Barthes gave an interview, originally intended for a series of televised broadcasts recorded under the title ‘Archives of the 20th Century’, in which...

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16. 02. 2016

BHU: Pragmatism, Placation and Panic

  Siddhant Mohan _____________________ Those who are oblivious or unperturbed about the sedition and felony charges brought against some students of Jawaharlal Nehru University are living in a better world.  Important as it...

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15. 02. 2016
girnar 1

On The Cold Dark Black Girnar: A Hanumana & Another

    Amrit Gangar __________________     The sun has yet to tilt up perhaps a mile more to peep out of the ancient cleavages of the mount Girnār, much older than the...

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10. 02. 2016

Cataloging from the Kitchen: The Luminous World of Arun Ghosh

Sarmistha Dutta Gupta _____________________ Arun Ghosh (1933-2015), phenomenal librarian and archivist who guided many humanities and social science researchers of Kolkata for over four decades, passed away last February unsung in death as...

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22. 01. 2016

1971, Three Letters

#1 Sender: Ataur Rahman Khan Kaiser. Chittagong. July 17, 1971. Receiver: Oysika A. Khan. 17 Ayesha Khatun Lane, Banshalbari, Chandanpura, Chittagong.   Mamoni Mine, I am writing this letter for the day, Inshallah,...

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17. 01. 2016

The Mirage in the Pupil

Born Lucy Renee Mathilde Schwob, Claude Cahun (1894-1964) tried on several pseudonyms including Claude Courlis, referencing the Curlew bird, and Daniel Douglas, after the British literary Lord Alfred Douglas.  Cahun purposefully chose sexually ambiguous...

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10. 01. 2016


  Syed Waliullah (as narrated by Amar Mitra) ________________________________________ Those who have read Lal Shalu, Kando Nodi Kando or Chander Omaboshya know that Syed Waliullah  (1922-1971) is a writer’s writer. I recall his...

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01. 01. 2016

There is Justice in this Book !

Soumyabrata Choudhury  _________________________   Towards the end of its compelling career, Aishwary Kumar’s Radical Equality: Ambedkar, Gandhi and the Risk of Democracy, says that Gandhi’s and Ambedkar’s were two incommensurable ways to the...

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19. 12. 2015

The Wind Instruments

HUG Editorial ______________________ # Humanities Studies in India at this Point of Time. There are two sides to it. One, institutional studies of the humanities. By that we mean the study of the...

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11. 12. 2015

The Edifice

  Ranajit Das __________________   Journal Entry I   I still recall quite vividly that horrendous moment when my little one realized, for the first time, what a lie is. I remember, face...

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03. 12. 2015

“Aao Radio Sunein”: Manto’s Radio Plays

  Aakriti Mandhwani _______________________________ [i] Saadat Hasan Manto is arguably best known for his oft-acerbic, yet true-to-life depiction of the tragedies that befell India during the partition. “Khol Do” is one such popular narrative;...

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27. 11. 2015

In Remembrance of Eid

    Shubha  ------------------------- [This essay was first published in Jalsa 4, 2015] *** Eid it is, and yet its presence eludes us. The happiness that used to infect us with the very...

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21. 11. 2015

A Poet’s Passage

  Arindam Chakrabarti -------------------------------------   Time does not pass; we pass. So writes Bhartrahari. “kaalonayaatah, vayamevayaataah”. Utpal Kumar Basu, having lived for the last decade or so in an entirely undeserved public oblivion...

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15. 11. 2015

Nirmala Boudi And The Bureaucracy

Amiya Sen   Translated by Bhaswati Ghosh --------------------------------------------------------- Nirman Bhavan–the foundation for which had been laid by the late Lal Bahadur Shastri–is now an imposing structure. As the older Shastri Bhavan became too...

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