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19. 01. 2014

The Diva & the Minister

  Prasanta Chakravarty It is indeed remarkable when a chief minister of a state gets a by-line in a leading newspaper, even if that is ghost written to a considerable degree. But it...

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15. 01. 2014

Ingeborg Bachmann & Paul Celan: Herzzeit/Heart’s Time, A Correspondence

  Paul Celan was born in 1920 in Bucovina, Romania. He became one of the most prominent 20th century poets. Celan committed suicide in Paris, in 1970, before turning 50. Ingeborg Bachmann was...

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03. 01. 2014

Wild Donkey’s Bray

Rana Roychowdhury ----------------------------------------------------------------- Rage I Have Veiled Rage I have veiled Cranes fly I see with binoculars Their whites flutter in  the skies This janasamaj, medicines, bandage Blazing flowers, window concealed All this...

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30. 12. 2013

All The Shared Experiences Of The Lived World II

                [This is the second and concluding part of the conversation between R. Sivakumar and Parvez Kabir on art practice and  its history.] ------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Shiv...

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24. 12. 2013

All The Shared Experiences Of The Lived World

  [R. Siva Kumar is one of the most revered living historians of Modern Indian Art. A singular authority on the Santiniketan School and its tradition, Siva Kumar is also widely known for...

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20. 12. 2013

The Loss of Wor(l)ds: Theatre in Manipur and Heisnam Kanhailal

    Trina Nileena Banerjee   “The child, I looked at the new born child crying. I noticed that the whole body of the child cries. But actors only use a certain resonator....

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14. 12. 2013

Gay For More Than A Day Of Rage

    Brinda Bose Since ‘straight’ is linguistic harakiri for 377-talk, perhaps we first need to get this crooked: if we say ‘we are all queer’, we cannot make a ‘they’ out of...

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01. 12. 2013

Confessional Diary

    Subrota Dasgupta [ This short story first appeared in the blog Aainanagar (aainanagar.com) in November 2013. Translation by HUG.] --------------------------------------------   Indulging Bhanu was the sole impetus behind my story telling...

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24. 11. 2013

Paul Celan And The Future of the Poem

Manash Bhattacharjee   The name “Paul Celan” in the title refers to not only Paul Celan the poet but also Paul Celan who talks about poetry. Celan is in dialogue with his craft;...

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22. 11. 2013

The Idea of an Institution

  HUG If media reports are to be believed, then Presidency University in Kolkata is on the verge of formalizing a set of mandatory guidelines for its campus (and off-campus) inhabitants—about maintaining ‘university’...

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18. 11. 2013

Why Classics?

  Utpal Dutt Snobs have always been contemptuous (over their morning cups of coffee, if you please) of the non-professional theatre groups in the city who are modestly building up a movement. Slogan-mongering,...

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10. 11. 2013

Creating Beauty Is A Noiseless Battle

Joy Goswami It has been the polestar of Bangla poetry: Phire Esho Chaka (Come Back, O Wheel)/ To Gayatri. And the original manuscript lies right in front me at this moment.  Like Kafka’s...

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02. 11. 2013

Tagore: Looking Beyond the Mirage of Appearances

Rajdeep Konar [Rajdeep Konar is pursuing his doctoral studies in Center for Theatre and Performance Studies at the School of Arts and Aesthetics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, where he is investigating Rabindranath Tagore’s ideas...

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20. 10. 2013

Shibu Natesan : Animals, Magic Realism & Multiple-Realities

  Siddharth Sivakumar   [Siddharth Sivakumar is currently doing B.A. in English literature at Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan. He has an avid interest in art practices & art history and routinely writes for some of...

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