Bandmaster @ Cossipore

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Akhlaq Dorjee Chanda 



(Poems dedicated to Tushar Roy)




Factory Tagore 

 Juggling oranges and eggs. Plus, tables for 17 memorised

At such tender age?

Remarkable acumen. Nothing surprises you anymore.

At Dokkhini they teach you to be surefooted.


Rigor Mortis

 Mensa and pauses. Strange premonitions.

Can’t possibly be biological? Is it figurative—can’t put my fingers onto?

But freedom, ah free free—how strange would that month be

After all these years of bloody conquests.


Sukanta Majumdar

 Nurtures a very sensitive ear. Patience and practice.

Has composed a trillion soundscape collages so far. A master archivist.

As I walk past Hindustan Park to Purnadas Road

(An insightful place Bhaipo! Charcoaled and Bistroed)

I think of Sukanta’s ears. Flapping out.

Does he rinse his drums with tepid water? Every morning?

Somewhere he mentioned unobtrusiveness.

Is he good enough to get at the bottom of this trompe l’oeil.



 A deadly wish. Can you imagine such a Kantian greeting?

It’s these kind of exchanges that leads to chronic whooping cough.

Besides, I am not Kalidasbabu and you hardly Shefali.


Ancien Regime

 To err on the side of liberals just happens to be the best available option. Lets collaborate.


Returning From America

Is cakewalk: if you stop listening to ghawre pherar gaan
And sundry such enormous commitments, Shonai
Or begin to love Agha Shahid Ali far too much for comfort
Instead concentrate on rules: Rules sustain. Rules devour

Like taking and giving daily, routine upper cuts

Here and there, off hand, casual
Tearing apart beleaguered loved ones with more longing.

Morphine endures. 



 Nocturnal. Tubular and hairy.  Three pairs of true legs.

And million muscles in unison—wiggling in and out.

Detecting vibrations. At specific frequencies.

Soft body, head capsule hardened.

Leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipments.


Petticoat Strings on the Side

 Those who deal in more complex ideas than class, caste or status

Must notice which side of the waist the lady ties her petticoat knot.

Elementary aspects of oligarchy.



Bongolokkhi Super Lottery

 Hazar wares. Muchi-bazar.

Queer eelish, still in throes

Vermilion: Rangajawba

Bussing days, passing posts

Bulk is good, Shivaratri?

Rules bequeath: Partition

In transit, relentless

First at left, smelling right?

Color of dawn shefalika

In memory, in pursuit

Would that come, fanfare?

Ticketing week once again

Greenish tinge, trance afloat

Tripling crores, how about?

Next fortnight, sure shot.

Punching bag, Baba sweats.

Punching slot, Baba lives.


Bandmaster @ Cossipore

 Caberina Sarah Temple

Firm, slack living pore

Longs for those sure strokes. Remember bandmaster?

Casting recaster.


Moving moved. Piping hot.

He shall start at 7 dot.

Thursday nights magic moon

Sarah Temple, will you swoon?


Drimiti drim, at his bid

Off counter selling weed.


Sax-cello lustre

Remember bandmaster.


Akhlaq Dorjee Chanda is a poet and  a soccer player working from Dibrugarh, Assam.


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