There is trouble ahead. We are already in trouble. We, who live and die by touching, feeling and fighting literature, art, performance, language. We, who are still amazed by the vagaries of the human condition.

Do you spend hours studying classical choral dance? Do you wonder what relates tantalizing tales and daastans to our everyday living? What about the days of blood and grime that mire the nights of labour? No sir, that is not enough. Can you write effective grants that can market your passion? Are you able to direct your research towards generating your own salary? What are the ‘impacts’ of your analysis on national and international growth? Be relevant sir. Cosy up. The pincer-grip of world wide distrust for finesse and forthright politics is being reflected in India too at every passing day.

But can we afford to sit pretty? The battle lines are drawn and we have to take the fight to the other side. And the next best thing to understanding the moves of your adversary is to identify and consult friends. A critical consciousness needs to be garnered around this crass and deadly onslaught. An onslaught which will brook no opposition. We have to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of this phenomenon and strategize accordingly. We need to be as crafty and insidious as the opponent, in howsoever small way. Not shielding and defensive. This is a forum precisely for initiating such a venture.


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  • Fine sentiments. But do we seek fruits let alone tend the garden so our cherished ideals can come to fruition?
    Every child starts as an idealist but is sold along the line to the crass ideals of his/her age. In India we have had spiritual awakening touched by oracles of gods but served these only to end up as castes milechas and brahmins. Look at the craze of our youth who think of their spiritual bliss in imitating the junk ideals of the west. How come? The good that we seek as individuals has to account for the whole. What we seek had its beginning even before we come to life. The day our primordial ancestor discovered his superiority to sing hymns to the gods and deprived another of the same freedom he had made himself like Cassandra. His oracles fell to deaf ears and every thing he negated as ‘impure or untouchable’ fought back with thousand times stronger to make the vision of the superior ‘class’ come to nought.
    As you say at the end, let us take charge of ourselves and prove with words what we believe in. But keep one’s wits about to modify ones course so one may suceed in one’s enterprise.

  • correction: re. last para first sentence please read ‘actions’ instead of words. Thanks.

  • Vinod Verma

    I like the strategy ‘humanitiesunderground’ as a potential platform to critically understand the monolithic folds that are unfolding bit by bit finally to come in its naked content to force every different human effort creating a relation of its own to fall in some plastic die of mass production for mass profit. Like Yamuna river has gone missing and some Yamuna expressway has replaced the land that archives the history of the river, humanities will lose bluntness if power to build relations as a human effort in thinking and action is replaced by some mechanistic mindset of multiple choice among a b c and d or yes/no or true/false.
    Yes, I agree the challenges are conceptually far clever and crafty that we may sound hollow if we fail to understand the depth of the well. It is something like my own experiences with canals in Rajasthan for irrigation that followed the death of all the wells as well as the disappearance of insects, creepers, fruits, bushes, culture, traditions, clothes, footwear and local medicines. We had dug the canals not knowing what we were pitted with.

  • Pritam Singh

    Excellent initiative

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