30. 04. 2016

Discrimination No Representation: Modernity & Plato

Rahul Govind ________________ Plato is one among the many unfortunate philosophers who are referred to more and more, read less and less. To this atrophied forgetting, Abrogast Scmitt’s Modernity and Plato: Two Paradigms...

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25. 04. 2016

Avinash Mishra: A Governing Tone of Stoic Regression

HUG ______   जो अकेला है उसे और डर दीजिए जो प्रतिबद्ध है उसे और उदासीनता दीजिए जो भूखा है उसे और नारे दीजिए जो सताया हुआ है उसे और अवसाद दीजिए जो...

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15. 04. 2016

‘Your Life Is Writing. So, Write.’

Andre Gorz ______________   Here is a short section from the open letter of love and despair written by renowned French philosopher André Gorz to his British-born wife, Doreen. (later published as Letter to D....

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