20. 10. 2013

Shibu Natesan : Animals, Magic Realism & Multiple-Realities

  Siddharth Sivakumar   [Siddharth Sivakumar is currently doing B.A. in English literature at Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan. He has an avid interest in art practices & art history and routinely writes for some of...

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19. 10. 2013


  Peter Altenberg [Peter Altenberg, one the central figures among the late nineteenth century Vienna Coffeehouse wits (part of the 'Young Vienna'), produced some of the finest impressionistic miniatures (a variety of kleinkunzt--art of...

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13. 10. 2013

Charlie Chaplin’s ‘A King in New York’: A Clash of Civilizations?

Ananya Dutta Gupta   [Ananya Dutta Gupta teaches English at Visva Bharati. She specializes in Renaissance and early modern literature. This essay was first published in Bikshan Bulletin, 2011. She has made some...

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09. 10. 2013

Pessimism of the Reality, Optimism of the Ideal

  José Carlos Mariátegui   José Carlos Mariátegui is one of Latin America's most profound and yet overlooked thinkers.  A self-taught journalist, social scientist, and activist from Peru, he was the first to emphasize...

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01. 10. 2013

‘The Daily Passengers: Some Portraits & Other Reflections

  Aritra Chakraborti Aritraspeak: These pictures were taken on a broken mobile phone while commuting on local trains between Howrah and Chinsurah- a major station located on the Howrah-Bardhaman main line in West Bengal. Being an one-time daily...

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