29. 09. 2013

The 10,000 Moment: HUG Pauses. To Look Back & Ahead

     humanitiesunderground “There are two kinds of poets. Poets and local poets. Those who write in big and reputed magazines are poets. The rest are local poets.” Prasun Bandyopadhyay, Poet’s Preface, Collected Works...

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23. 09. 2013

“Before There Used To Be Romantic Politicians”

Alfonso Daniel Rodriguez Castelao  was a Spanish politician, writer, painter and doctor. He is one of the fathers of Galician nationalism. Here is a selection from his series of drawings titled  Cousa Da Vida,...

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21. 09. 2013
A Bloody Battle and Sundry Changes

A Bloody Battle and Sundry Changes

[Here is a review of  Marc Morris’ recent The Norman Conquest The Battle of Hastings and the Fall of Anglo-Saxon England (Pegusus, 2013)--originally published in the Gulfport Public Library site and Steven Till's medieval...

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16. 09. 2013

Why Did The Harmonium Disappear From All India Radio?

  Amalendu Bikas Kar Chowdhury   [Amalendu Bikas Kar Chowdhury is a renowned singer, song writer and music director, associated with All India Radio for a long period of time. This essay appears...

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08. 09. 2013

The Abused Goddesses and the Fissures of Referentiality

Prasanta Chakravarty The Abused Goddesses advertising  campaign (http://www.buzzfeed.com/regajha/indias-incredibly-powerful-abused-goddesses-campaign-condemn) has given rise to strong reactions in the virtual space. While some initial reactions on the campaign were cautiously positive, albeit with some amount of unarticulated...

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03. 09. 2013

Coldness and Cruelty: Two Contracts of von Sacher-Masoch

I Contract between Mrs Fanny von Pistor and Leopold von Sacher-Masoch On his word of honour, Mr Leopold von Sacher-Masoch undertakes to be the slave of Mrs von Pistor, and to carry out...

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