30. 08. 2013

Buddhi-jibi: A Cursory Sketch from Bengal

  Swapnamoy Chakraborty [Swapnamoy Chakraborty is one of the finest fiction writers and essayists of contemporary Bengal. This article appears in the recent Special Issue on Intellectuals in the Bangla magazine Anustup, Pre-Saradiya...

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24. 08. 2013

Manpari Days

Kritika Chettri [Kritika Chettri did her masters in English literature from the University of Delhi. She has been a close spectator, follower and active supporter of the Gorkhaland movement] ----------------------------------------- Manpari Busty had...

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23. 08. 2013

What Kind Of Kalyankari-Rajya Are We Talking About?

  [ Hazari Prasad Dwivedi replies to Balraj Sahni. HUG translates from Pahal 93.]         Dear Bhai Balraj-ji, Bhisham-ji has sent me your long set of questions and has requested...

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15. 08. 2013

Panditji, Do You Still Harbour The Same Indifference To The Progressive Cause?

    [Balraj Sahni writes to Hazari Prasad Dwivedi. In November 1965. HUG translates from Pahal 93. Our gratitude to Gyanranjan for granting permission to do so and to Udayashankar for presenting these...

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12. 08. 2013

The Cinema & the Classics

H.D. [Hilda Doolittle]   [┬áThe eleven articles that the Modernist poet and novelist H.D. [Hilda Doolittle] wrote for Close Up, a film journal of the early 20th century edited by Kenneth Macpherson, appeared...

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