24. 07. 2012

Abstract, Abstraction

Swapan Chakravorty The primary problem with the adjective ‘abstract’ stems from its etymology. It derives from the Latin ab, meaning ‘from’, and trahere, ‘drawn away’. In other words, it carries a sense of being withdrawn,...

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13. 07. 2012

Laziness & Work: An Interview with Pierre Saint-Amand

Sina Najafi and Pierre Saint-Amand Jean-Siméon Chardin, Auguste-Gabriel Godefroy Watching a Top Spin, 1738. The roots of our contemporary obsession with work and productivity are usually traced to the eighteenth century, when the new...

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08. 07. 2012

Books on the Footpath

Kala-Pyacha Though I am yet to witness writers begging on the footpath, their books have long made their way there and have thus been silently facilitating their own journey there at some future...

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04. 07. 2012

The Humanities in Ferment: Strategizing for our Times, August 16-18, (MargH collaborates with NMML)

The Humanities in Ferment: Strategizing for our Times  An International Conference organized by MargHumanities as part of its Global Humanities Initiative, in collaboration with the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library from August 16-18,...

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